8 Modules

Introduction to the course - module aims

As animal professionals, we help clients create positive change for their animals - whether they are companion animals such as dogs, cats, horses, reptiles or in zoological settings and aquarium environments.  This course is designed to empower you to create positive change with your clients and better understand yourself - enabling us to be a more effective and skilled practitioner.  What could be better than that?

Module 1 - Understanding and enabling change in clients and their animals

Change is often associated with difficulty and resistance.  This module aims to provide greater understanding in what lies behind this, in order to implement positive change. 

Module 2 - Bonding

Developing trust and mutual respect takes time, and is dependent on the interpersonal dynamics between the animal professional and the client.  Relationships based on trust and mutual respect ensure a sense of security and optimism, and is the breeding ground for enabling positive change.

Module 3 - Me and my animals

With a clear and positively worded vision, the brain knows exactly what the destination we’re 
travelling towards looks like, making it more likely that we get to where we want to be.  Understand what is a vision, their importance, and how to write your own. 

Module 4 - Identifying the path ahead

When we know all the steps we need to take to get to our destination (vision), this module helps to understand how milestone setting can help us reach that destination.

Module 5 - Handle the barriers

Our barriers are personal to us and inadvertently we can get in our own way through subconscious beliefs and drivers.  With awareness, we are empowered to create and escalate positive change!

Module 6 - Maximise motivation and cement the change

Motivation is vital in achieving anything.  We will typically teach our clients the importance of 
gaining motivation when introducing their animal[s] to new behaviours, and motivation is needed in order to maintain those behaviours.  This module looks at motivation - what is it, what drives it, and more.  

Module 7 - Summary of learning

Congratulations!  You’ve completed Modules 1 - 6 so now you have an understanding of how to create positive change for your clients and in turn their animals.  This module provides a summary of learning and your next steps which includes accessing your certificate.

Human Behaviour Change for Animal Professionals

This course has been designed for animal professionals who are working with clients, owners, keepers, and carers.  That's because in our line of work, we must work collaboratively with our clients, carers, and colleagues to maximise the chances for success for the animal we are working with.  

Human behaviour change refers to the process of modifying or altering certain behaviours or actions in individuals or groups.  By understanding what is human behaviour change and how to achieve this, you can be more successful as practitioners in helping your human clients understand differing perspectives (including their animals), embrace new ideas, such as different handling methods or ways of thinking about their situation, which in turn helps improve the outcomes for their animal[s].  The number of hours required for study in this course is 15 hours to work through the eight modules. 

Learning outcomes: 
By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand key theories of psychology and how these apply within their role as an animal professional.
  • Understand factors that may affect the human-human relationship.
  • Understand and apply appropriate practical consulting skills needed in complex client-consultant situations.

This course has been assessed and approved by the iPet Network, the CPD Certification Service and Kids Around Dogs (KAD) organisation and counts as PDR/CPD 15 points.

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