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Welcome to my online Learning Hub.  

This is a Hub for pet owners who want to improve their knowledge of animal behaviour and training so they can be rock star owners.   When we're more aware of how animals think, learn and what motivates them, we can achieve greater training results.  In turn, this creates a stronger pet-owner relationship and what could be better than that? 

The Hub is also a place for animal practitioners to develop their knowledge and understanding when it comes to human-human relationships and maximise the likelihood of client cooperation via our animal practitioner series of online courses.  This includes courses that address some of the challenges animal professionals face within the field of animal behaviour, welfare, management, and training, to expand your expertise.  Hanne Grice Pet Training & Behaviour is an approved iPET Network Professional Development Recognition Training Provider, a member and approved Training Provider of the CPD Certification Service.   

To access the courses and review the content, simply click on the course package you'd like to learn more about, read the description and then follow the payment instructions on the screen if you'd like to purchase the course.

My long-term goal is to develop a great community of like-minded owners and give you access to perks not available anywhere else!  So, keep checking back to the online Learning Hub for updates on this.  

Best wishes,

Clinical Animal Behaviourist & Trainer
Hanne Grice Pet Training & Behaviour

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Available Products

The Puppy Package

Welcome to the Puppy Package!  Discover the ultimate solution for puppy owners with Hanne Grice's online course, the Puppy Package. This comprehensive program is designed to equip you with all the knowledge and tools you need to ensure your puppy's success. Whether you're a first-time owner or an experienced dog lover, this course offers invaluable insights to help you better understand your furry friend. From fostering confidence and sociability to addressing undesirable behaviours and cultivating desirable ones, the Puppy Package covers it all. Gain access to a wealth of resources, including handouts, checklists, and videos that will support your learning journey. With this course, you'll kick-start your puppy's fantastic life skills and strengthen that all-important puppy-owner bond.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to lay a solid foundation for a lifetime of happiness and harmony with your pup.  Enrol in the Puppy Package today and embark on an unforgettable adventure with your beloved companion.  This course should take you 12 hours to complete.  Hanne Grice Pet Training & Behaviour is a recognised iPet Network Provider and member of the CPD Certification Service.

Learn how to have a sociable and confident pup - what could be better than that? 🎉

Human Behaviour Change for Animal Professionals

This course has been designed for animal professionals who are working with clients, owners, keepers, and carers.  That is because in our line of work, we must work collaboratively with our clients, carers, and colleagues to maximise the chances for success for the animal we are working with.  

Human behaviour change refers to the process of modifying or altering certain behaviours or actions in individuals or groups.  By understanding what is human behaviour change and how to achieve this, you can be more successful as practitioners in helping your human clients understand differing perspectives such as their animals, embrace new ideas such as different handling methods or ways of thinking about their situation, which in turn helps improve the outcomes for their animal[s].  The number of hours required for study in this course is 15 hours to work through the eight modules. 

This course has been assessed and approved by the iPet Network, the CPD Certification Service and Kids Around Dogs (KAD) organisation and counts as PDR/CPD 15 points.

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